Elko Chuggers +35 Baseball Roster 2018       Elko Chuggers +35 Baseball Schedule 2018    
  No. Player Name Pos.   Date Day Game Time Where Result  
  1 Chris Skilbeck RHP              
  2 Rob Brick RHP    
  3 Jon Galarnue Util   May 6th Sun St. Paul Senators 5pm Elko  
  4 Anthony VanGrinsven OF/RHP   May 10th Thur Burnsville Bulldogs 8pm Elko  
  5 Corey Grisim C/Util   May 17th Thur Dundas 7:30pm Dundas  
  6 Adam Wilson OF   May 20th Sun Lonsdale 5pm Lonsdale  
  7 Matthew Bodden OF   May 24st Thur Lakeville Lobos 8pm Elko  
  8 Kyle Kraska RHP/INF   May 28th Monday New Market 5pm NM  
  9 Don Bautista Jr. C/OF   May 31st  Thur St. Patrick 8pm Elko  
  10 Tony Gabriel SS    
  11 Tim Beno RHP   June 7th Thur Union Hill 7:30pm Union Hill  
  12 Travis Anderson 1B   June 10th Sun St. Patrick 5pm St. Patrick  
14 Andrew Lyke RHP June 14th Thur Dundas 8pm Elko
  15 Brandon Smieja OF   June 21st Thur Lonsdale 8pm Elko  
  16 Lance Porter OF   June 28th Thur Veseli 8pm Elko  
  17 Tres Hummerickhouse IF      
  19 Chad Weisner 1st/P   July 1st Sun River Falls 5pm River Falls  
  19 Brian Beuning P   July 8th Sun Veseli 5pm Veseli  
  21 Mike Stevens IF/OF   July 12th Thur Union Hill 8pm Elko  
22 Brad Fredrickson Jr. IF/OF July 15th Sun Webster 5pm Webster
  23 Nick Davis IF/OF/P   July 19th Thur Webster 8pm Elko  
  24 Chuck Thiele IF/OF   July 22nd Sun River Falls 5pm Elko  
  25 Jason Grimm 1B/OF   July 26th Thur New Market 8pm Elko  
  36 Kurt Ploog 3B/RHP   July 29th Sun Burnsville Bulldogs 5pm Elko  
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