2010 Elko Express Roster

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# Name Pos B/T Yrs w/Elko
2 Brick, Rob P R/R 18th
4 Roiger, Josh P/OF L/L 6th
5 Grisim, Corey OF/IF/C R/R 13th
6 Larsen, Ash OF R/R 8th
7 Chlan, Jeremy IF/P R/R 2nd
8 Thomas, Dylan OF/P R/R 3rd
9 Muell, Brian P R/L 6th
10 Kalina, Kyle 2B R/R 1st
11 Altaville, Nick OF R/R 1st
12 Fredrickson, Terry Mgr. --- 36th
14 Frandrup, Lee P R/R 2nd
15 Ellefson, Dan 3B/P R/R 1st
20 Fredrickson, Brad 1B L/R 25th
21 Vandusen, Ryan P/OF R/R 1st
22 Kraska, Kyle OF/C/IF R/R 2nd
23 Davis, Nick OF/P R/R 8th
24 Humerickhouse, Tres IF/P R/R 8th
25 Grimm, Jason 1B L/R 1st
27 Thom, Josh C L/R 9th
33 Parker, Glenn P R/L 3rd
35 Parker, John C R/R 1st
44 Roiger, John Coach --- 23rd